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Histology / Histocompartibility

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Our state-of-the-art histology laboratories are equipped for all types of Instrumentation to accommodate a variety of analyses and are staffed with expert Histo-Scientists and technicians who have developed and validated methodologies to facilitate a broad spectrum of studies.

We have developed histological assays, IHC protocols, custom ISH probes, and unique scoring methods for numerous project types with standard and customized readouts, and are always willing to discuss new assessments to meet client needs. All studies are run within our Total Quality Management System and multi-step QC processes, with our network of clinical pathologists available for pathology reviews at each step in the study workflow.

Routine Histology

1. Tissue Trimming

2. Cassetting

3. Embedding

4. Sectioning

Histological staining

1. H&E staining

2. Trichrome Masson staining

3. Sirius red staining

4. Verhoeff's Van Gieson staining

5. Safranin O / Fast green staining

6. Nissl's, Mast cells staining

7. Toluidine blue staining

8. Alcian blue staining

9. PAS staining

10. AB-PAS staining

11. Luxol fast blue staining

12. Prussian blue staining

13. Oil red staining

14. Wright giemsa staining

15. Trap staining

16. Silver staining

17. Gram staining

Target marker staining

1. Immunohistochemistry (IHC)

2. Single Immunofluorescent (SIF)

3. Double Immunofluorescent (DIF)

4. Triple Immunofluorescent (TIF)

5. Tunel staining

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