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Mobile Diagnostic Lab

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Mobile Phlebotomy is a service provided to home-bound patients. It comes into play when an individual needs his/her blood sample drawn; however, he or she cannot make it to any of our Lab services center.

We understand how difficult it can be to get to a lab or hospital on a regular basis or with limited mobility or transportation. Our mobile phlebotomy services help make the blood work process much more convenient and less stressful. Our certified phlebotomists travel to your home or office and deliver to our laboratory for testing, so you no longer have to wait in line to get your lab workup done.

Your time and convenience are important priorities. Our services will eliminate the hassle, and often the challenge, of scheduling and arranging for your blood draws. We have tailored our services to fit the need of the homebound senior, the busy executive, as well as the fragile pediatric patient.

The Phlebotomist, a blood drawing technician, draws patient samples at patients House, Assisted Living, Group Home, and/or Nursing home. Mobile Phlebotomist then transports the sample to the Laboratory Processing Center, where testing is performed and the results are reported directly to the physician's office or to the patient by email.

4 Main Advantages of Mobile Blood Draws:

  • Eliminate the hassle of commuting to the testing centers: Bio-Gene Diagnostic Lab Phlebotomists will come to you.

  • Puts Patient Value First!

  • We bring the diagnostic Lab to you at your location of convenience.

  • Routine tests on Home-bound patients are reported the same day.

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