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Wellness Check and Screening

Preventive health screenings help people understand their risk for developing chronic conditions before symptoms are present, while they can still take action. The non-invasive screenings available at Bio-Gene Diagnostic Lab identify risk factors that can lead to cardiovascular disease, stroke, peripheral artery disease, osteoporosis, and other serious illnesses.

When you make your appointment, you will receive detailed instructions about when and where to check-in for your appointment, as well as any preparation instructions. Depending on which health screening you choose, we may recommend an 8 hour fast (no food or drink, except water) prior to your appointment.

Bio-Gene Diagnostic Lab offers more than 15 preventive screening options, providing comprehensive health screening services for anyone age 50+. This selection of ultrasound, blood, and EKG analysis enables people to understand more fully what risk factors they have for cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer, osteoporosis, and more.


Is Our preventive health screenings right for you?

Preventive health screening for cardiovascular disease, stroke, and other chronic conditions are extremely valuable for adults age 50+, or age 40+ with risk factors for these conditions: diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, a history of smoking, and a family history of stroke and/or heart disease. Some blood tests may be appropriate for younger ages. The health screenings offered at Bio-Gene Diagnostic Lab are only part of your health story—when combined with the care provided by your doctor, they provide a full health screening picture. Call us today to discuss with a Preventive Health Advisor which screenings are right for you.

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